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General source server and l4d2 questions
I have some general questions about the source engine server and l4d2 specifically. If you know the answer to a few be nice and help me out.

Is "tick" rate and server fps the same?

can max tick and/or fps be changed still on source games

is 30fps on l4d2 server good.

lobby questions
How exactly do lobbys work, is this how they really work.
Player makes a lobby and tells valve central servers that they made a lobby that others can connect to. the lobby is hosted on the client that "made" it. when people join the lobby and fill it up, the host tells the clients the server to connect to.

server questions:
does the host on a lobby tell the server to change the map to the specified map on the server.

can a single instance of l4d2 DS contain more than one game? does it work like a house, and each game is played in a different room? if so does the +maxplayers parameter set the max amount of players possible on a single instance of the DS software.

My l4d2 server says it has a max of both 4 players and 18. the steam client server browser says 4 also.

Thanks in advanced, if you have any other reference materials i could read, please link them, im new to l4d2 server administration and want to know how all this stuff works.

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