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noob question
first,sry for my bad english

1.i have three problems:where can i downland server.cfg?my computer cant make it(just can make txt file) i set cvar at SRCDS?i use this kind of way to start my server

c:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game hl2mp +map dm_lockdown -maxplayers 16 -autoupdate

but it cant set any cvar in it... i start my srcds like Source mulitplayer dedicated server?

it means you can set your map,server name and maxplayer.. before you start your server?(i double-click my SRCDS.exe and nothing happen)
1. file --> save as... --> server.cfg
2. cvars are set in the server.cfg
3. You need to start srcds via the command line.
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Anyway, if you save a file (like from Notepad), then it's a good idea to type the file name "in quotes", i.e. "server.cfg", otherwise there's a chance it'll get saved as server.cfg.txt. You can also enable file extensions from Folder Options.

You should use +maxplayers instead of -maxplayers.

If you're running on Windows, -autoupdate doesn't work. You should remove it.

You can create a batch file. Just type this in Notepad and save as "server.bat" in the same folder as srcds.exe.

start srcds.exe -console -game hl2mp +map dm_lockdown +maxplayers 16
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