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Srcds Fps & SrcdsFpsBoost not workin together
Here's my problem: (First things first, sorry for my english, I'm finnish)

When I run windows media player or srcdsfpsboost at background, they don't affect my srcds server fps at all! I tested few times my server fps, here's the results: (These are the fps what I see at the top of the srcds screen, font colour is green, like this: fps: 400 Players: 6/12 (and stuff.))

cs_assault, without srcdsfpsboost: around 400-500 fps. With SFB: still same

cs_office, without SFB: around 350-400 fps. With SFB: still same

So the problem is that SrcdsFpsBoost doesn't work! It has always been not working, but I wan to get it work.

And if the fps on the top of the srcds screen is not right server fps, please tell me how to find out the real fps of the server.

//Edit: And I get everytime error message: "Bad challenge from [put IP and port here]" And there comes lots of that message, but with different ips and ports. Do I need to go set allowed ports somewhere? 'Cause I thought that error message could mean people, who try to get into my server, but they can't cause it's somehow up to their ports. So please tell me about this "port thing", 'cause I really want that everyone can join my server.
no them bad chanllege things have nothing to do with anything really.. its the old style of server querries, somone is trying to use them on your server.. like game-monitor or something, just ignore them.. and it seems like your computer already has some sort of a high resolution timer running, so don't worry about it, that high of fps is what fpsboost is supposed to do, normally the os will limit the fps to about 66ish. soo its not that it doesn't work. its that something else is already doing it.. whats a different question, but if all is well, i wouldn't worry about it.
Now when you mentioned that, I looked at my srcds command line, and there's /high command, here's my full line:

C:\srcds\srcds.exe /high /wait -console -game cstrike -secure -port 27015 +maxplayers 12 +map cs_assault -autoupdate -tickrate 66

Now I remember, before I added this line into server.cfg fps was around 200-250, but now it's around 400-450 sometimes even 500. But here's the line I added to server.cfg:

fps_max 1000

But anyway, if I just get high fps on my server it doesn't matter, trough the /high command or via SrcdsFpsBoost. Thanks.
Their is a command to remove old challenges, but my regular system is down because the RAM broke so I cannot look it up

might by sv_allowoldquires 1

try cvarlist sv_allow and see all the partial matches in your console, if one matches or is similar to the one above this, turn it on or off respectivly and that should make the bad challenge old challenge messages

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