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srcds.exe has stopped working (hanging help)

I've disabled Windows Error Reporting through Server Manager. ( Start -> Administrative Tools -> Server Manager )

It still happens, I did a little more research and found the command line option to disable Windows Error Reporting also.


C:\Users\Administrator>serverWerOptin /disable

You have chosen to disable Windows Error Reporting

For more information, visit
For Windows privacy information, please visit

Then I did even more research after that didn't work only to find a regedit example on these forums. Which was:

Start -> Run -> Regedit


Then set errormode to 2, did so, still got the error, and Srcds Guardian still got hung up.

Thanks in advance,

I know this is an old tread, but i need some help doing this too... Any suggestions? It's that stupid one window that wont stop popping up when SRCDS crashes...
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting\DontShowUI

change that to 1. you dont need to change anything but that, and it's 100% guaranteed to get rid of the 'has stopped working' window

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