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Client problem.. odness...
alright, this problem is when my wife plays css, randomly keyboard keys will stop working. and like the whole time her s key didn't work, to move, type, anything. now im most positive its not a server problem, and i know this is all about servers, but shush, theres smart people here, and im stumped.. lol. cuz the keyboard works absolutly fine out side of css, and has workd in css for the past couple months atleast, since her good keyboard went out... (she has problems with keyboards i think.. lol) but yea... doesn't make sense to me. its not the in game binds, or not admin slow hacking or something.. cuz well.. its our server... any ideas.. haven't tried another keyboard yet though.. been to lazy to dig one out.

but everything else works right, just randomly a key will stop working.. all together. and just while in game, once out of game they all work fine... maybe its just one of them stupid xp things that goes away with a restart, but yea.. just wondering if maybe somone had an idea on what exactly it is..

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