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P4 3.8ghz vs Xeon 2.8ghz
Right now our server is on a dual xeon @ We are going to downgrade to a single processor because we only have one populated server. But our 32 slot server can use up too 80% of a cpu and usually stays over 60% during the begining of the round. I have the fps_max set at 350 and the tickrate is 66. The frame rate stays over 200 normally. We used to have 36 slots but the xeon lagged pretty bad whenever teams rushed the same spot. And it still lags a very little with 32 slots if over 20 people rush the garage(we have a 24/7 office sever).

Does anybody think a P4 3.8ghz can do a 36 slot better than our 2.8 xeon would? Would the 3.8ghz even beat the 2.8 xeon on a 32 slot server?

Also does anybody know if valve will do 64bit ver of srcds?
One process cannot use both the power of the xeon processors, so really your only getting 2.8ghz from one xeon.

To be honest even a single xeon should be able to handle 32 slots so im more inclined to think you have a few people with high pings, your server will only start to lag when you hit 100% CPU usage. Gaming Servers
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yea thats what i was thinking, but i didn't wanna say too much.. cuz i haven't workd with dual xeons before =(.. but i know my computer is 3.0 intel oc'd to 3.2, and i had a 32 player server full of bots.. it was lan and i was bored... well i guess 31 bots, and me. and it workd with zero lag...
Pentium 4 gives more or less the same performace, meaning a P4 3.8 will do much better than a Xeon 2.8.

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