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Garrysmod Problem with Mics
Me and a friend have just finished making our first "real gamemode", for Garrysmod, a remake of GJail.

Unfortunately, it seems the mics are tuning in and out (skipping, lagging) once every second to three seconds.

Here's what I've ruled out:

I usually run 4 other servers at the same time (Windows Server 2008R2), Priority at realtime, using about 6 out of 32 GB of RAM AT THE MOST. I have great, unlimited monthly bandwidth, and I've never had problems with people lagging. I've tried different Garrysmod server folders from scratch, different port numbers, anything. Oh, and this gamemode only takes up .6 GB's of RAM while running on a server.

So whenever it's running, only voice lags (and the odd thing is, it lags ONLY the voice in EVERY server.) So I'm confident it's the code.

I've also tried tickrate and other speed and fps associated ConVars in server.cfg. Nothing happened.

I'm asking the LUA pro's now: What could the code be doing to refresh the mic sound?

Server OS: Windows Server 2008R2 Standard (it only comes in x64)
Processor: intel i7 Extreme
Ram: 32GB DDR3
Game(s): Garry's Mod
Start Up Command: C:\Server\jail\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod -port 27030 -insecure +maxplayers 24 +map ba_jail_final
Admin Mods: Evolve Mod

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