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cannot setup admin
I'm not sure what’s wrong but maybe you guys can help me out. I added an admin to the adminlist.txt but can't seem to get admin to work (it says you are not an admin). When I connect via ssh and type ma_admins I see the steam ID, but when I go to the game and open consul and type ma_admins the steam id isn't there. I've restarted both the server and the map; also, I have about 8 other admins setup that work fine. Please help! thanks.
im guessing your using mani.. be sure you have the right steam id =), and all the stupid : and _ are in the right place... thats about all.. you would probly get better response at the mani forums though, he would be able to help more if theres actually a problem, or bug or something.

ok thanks, ill check over there.

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