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CS 1.6
Hello Dear You!
We at is anew starting clan that need a configuration at our server, but we have an problem. We Cant! So now we searching for one that can help us to fix admins, HNS mod, and new maps! You who help us will get one CS 1.6 server with 12 slots 24// in 1 year!

Add me at steam if you can: Aolz
Moved the thread.

If you want to install these mods you might be better off searching for a tutorial on the internet. There is plenty. Smile
But i have the AMX but i dont understand how to add mods. Can you help me? Big Grin
I will try. But you might aswell search on Google. Smile
Ok i have, but i still need help. Can i PM you FTP details to one server so you can fix HnS?

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