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Player name shows as unconnected
Hi, I'm not the only one having this issue, as I've seen it on other servers before. Sometimes after a map change, a few random players name might show as Unconnected in the Player list when you hit [tab] in game. Your name when you chat appears correct. What we usally do if their name says Unconnected, they just reconnect to the server and it fixes itself. Is anyone else experiencing this on their server, or any other server that they play on? Any word on fixes in the near future? Another server admin I've talked to said its been happening since the last steam update.

for addons I'm running
Mani-Admin Plugin V1.1.0zg
Matties Eventscripts 0.9.5
Matties Mugmod
c4countdown eventscript pack
bounty eventscript pack
$500 penalty for shooting teammate eventscript

You can try it here, play for a little and see if you get unconnected.
Server address is
Pshycostats page is
yeaaa i got that like the first day after the update, but i haven't really noticed it happening too much lately.
Im still seeing it happen on my server. Usually when i happens, the person it happened to says he shows up as unconnected, but the rest of us see him as his regular name. It has happened to me too, and evryone still saw my name while i saw unconnected. For my server, it usually happens randomly and not at a specific time, such as map change.
Have seen this a couple of times too, but not effecting my rank (according to HLstatsX). Hope VALVe fix this.

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