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Installing in linux
Hello all of you i have one big problem , i can't install sourcemod , metamod into linux server on counter strike : source , i just dont know how , i watches all video in youtube how to instal source mod into linux , using with google i i finding some information , but i cant do it my self can someone help me ? :/ My Skipe : Gerka1233 My Gmail : i will be so thankfull +rep
Download it, extract it, and move the files into the addons folder?
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don't watch videos, read the manuals. you will find them on the respective plugin pages: (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!
Thnx but why isn't working zblock ??? :/
(05-05-2011, 12:27 AM)Savas Wrote:  Thnx but why isn't working zblock ??? :/

zBlock is functional. What version are you using? Make sure you've got the lastest.
Hi Savas,

Did you get your sourcemod install working yet?
Or is your issue now with zBlock?

I'm happy to give you hand via skype (with sourcemod) if you need it.

Twitter: prymal81
If someone can help me Contact with me in skipe : Gerka1233 very thankfull +rep

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