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Web monitor for srcds
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Hello everyone,

First I am total noob still, so, please, bear with me.

Right so I am considering hosting my own srcds server for CS:S. I've been running it for cw's and just for fun for a while now ( installing mods, basic administration etc) so I now have confidence, that I should be able to host it properly as well.

It's not clear yet, wheather it will be under linux or windows ( probably win, since I'm more familiar with it )

Anyway, I've been googling and I can't seem to find a web based server monitor script - you know the one that usually shows server status ( players, map ) somewhere on the servers web. I've seen a dozen of them and they look alike, so I don't really believe that they're custom coded.

The problem is I have no understanding of coding of any kind Big Grin I can put pieces together following a wiki or a tutorial, but I can't find any.

Thanks for your help.
Here is my scripts if want to have a look:

Here is some information:

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