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ticrate + +fps_max in startupline
I have read somewhere here at the forum someone claim that fps_max should be set at same value or lower slight lower than the ticrate

-ticrate 66 +fps_max 64

But what i have learn from before is that if you for example set your +fps_max to perhaps 600 you get a fps max of 550.

Would then not make this below setting

-ticrate 66 +fps_max 64

Produce a server fps of = 54
And also then when server fps then reduse the ticrate of the server to a lower value than 66?

What is the ultimate setting for a tic 66 resp 100 server?

It's correct that the fps must be equal or higher than the servers tickrate else you'd decrease the tickrate.

You must set fps_max just slightly higher to achieve approximately 66fps. (about fps_max 74)
it's "-tickrate" (with a k), but this option is no longer present in all games, e.g. cs:s has a fixed tickrate of 66. also for the other orangebox games it is not advised increasing the tickrate to 100.

the ideal setting for the fps on an orangebox game would be exactly equal the tickrate. slightly higher than the tickrate is actually *bad* because of the aliasing effect. if you keep it very slightly below the tickrate you are on the safe side (and the slightly lower tickrate will nobody notice). alternatively you can use much higher fps than the tickrate to reduce the aliasing effect. something like 200~300 is ok (for tick 66).

I am talking on the resulting fps as shown in stats here, not what you set with fps_max, so e.g. fps_max 70 might give you exactly 66 fps and might be the optimal choice. which value you use for fps_max to achieve certain fps is strongly depending on the system.

also note that tick 66 is actually 66.67 (actually 66 2/3). (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Ok i have noticed when i set:

-tickrate 100 +fps_max 100

the sv value on net_graph 4 is only 94-96 ... the var value pending between 0.10-0.25 is that good or bad.

I want to have as good hitbox as possible (game day of defeat:source)

rate 20-60k
updaterate values 50-100
cmdrate values 50-100
You must set the fps_max abit higher to achieve 100tickrate.

fps_max 115 should give you approximately 100tickrate.
increase the fps_max value until you have 100 fps. this depends on your system, some need fps_max 115 for this, other will run with 110 fps then (which is bad). use the fpsmeter to find out what your average fps are (if you do it manually by spamming stats keep in mind that averaging fps / frequencies must be done using their inverse...). the average fps should not be higher than the tickrate (or much higher). (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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