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Getting a stable 66 - 100 FPS Windows 2k8.
I run 6 32 slot TF2 servers. I set fps_max to 100 in the server.cfg. I have HT enabled and HPET disabled. All servers are at normal priority.

When all 6 of my servers are full, the FPS for each is at a solid 20 - 30. I want it to be at LEAST 66 - 100. When the servers are 20 players or lower, they are at a constant 99 - 105 FPS. Is there anything I can do to achieve a stabler FPS when they're full?

Server Specifications:

Lynnfield X3450 2.66 W/ HyperThreading
8GB DDR3 ECC/Reg. Memory
Hmm I wouldn't recommend using HT for SRCDS... I've had some weird experiences with it.
What's the CPU load when the servers are full? (for each core).
About 12%.
What OS?
It's in the title.
(05-01-2011, 07:31 AM)JayHax0r Wrote:  It's in the title.

Sorry didn't notice. Smile

Try enabling HPET if you can.
On a side note, whats the 'odd' experiences with HT? I have mine setup so they run off one physical core, with one HT core aswell, doesnt seem to be an issue
HT was fine for me running Windows Server 2008 R2 (X3460), while my single E5520 on Windows Server 2008 non R2 gave me really weird performance issues.

Also, in some interesting way on windows fps_max needs to be at these values. fps_max 66 fps_max 333 fps_max 600 fps_max 0 For the best results. 66 = 66, 333 = 250, 600 = 500, 0 = 1000

Well on Windows server 2008 up Smile

Edit: just did some further testing locally, fps_max 333 trick doesn't seem to work as well. Not quite too sure though, still waiting for my E3-1270 to be Coloed Smile
[Image: 1789915.png]

if fps are breaking down at a certain player number it usually means the cpu is too slow to handle that player count... disabling HT might help as it might increase the available cpu power per core (by reducing the number of virtual cores) - but that will help only if you have 4 or less servers on that machine.
so probably the answer is: buy a faster cpu or run less servers... (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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