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Will not display on master list

I've currently installed scrds on my spare laptop and am running a counter strike source server.
I have a linksys WRT54G router. All of my ports are forwarded correctly sv_lan is set to 0 and sv_region 5 set in my server.cfg.

If I send the server's ip / port to my friends or the no-ip address they can connect and play they can also add it to favourites and it works (so I don't see it being a problem with the ports)

My problem is nobody can see it on the master list.

My servers run line.
C:\SRCDS\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game "cstrike" +ip +map ba_jail_summer_r_fix2 +port 27015 +maxplayers 18

Once the servers started i recieve Connected to Steam servers successful.
VAC secure mode is activated.

I've tried a few different settings and haven't been able to fix it,
Any suggestions?

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