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rcon problem
When i connect to my server using the game, i have

Connecting to 195.220.xx.xx:27015...
Connected to 195.220.xx.xx:27015

Counter-Strike: Source
Map: de_dust
Players: 1 / 20
Build 2229
Server Number 1

Okay i'm login

Trying the rcon
rcon_password mypassword
rcon say "blabla"

And then i got "
Unable to connect to remote server (195.220.xx.xx:27015)"

So any idea ?

[also posted on steam forum...]
Make certain that port 27015 is accessible for both TCP and UDP protocols...
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I had this and I added the +ip XXX.XX.XXX.XXX to my startup line and it fixed it. Sometiems it does it again and I jsut restart the server and it is fixed. I have been told it occured since the last update from steam and the messed something up.

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I added the +ip.

Well 2 things :
I started to put the internet ip address of the comp (means 195.220.xx.xx) and then it showed "Couldn´t allocate dedicated server UDP port".

So after, i put the local ip address (means 10.62.xx.xx) and started the server. It worked. I tested the rcon, and it worked too [while added the -port did nothing].

I have yet another problem to fix. The server doesn't appear in the steam server list. What i have to do for that ?
Well seems that you are using hardware ip???? or are you on AOL???anyway you are having port problems apparently i have had the same probs message me with the hardware you use to get online i.e. router/modem or if you have soft firewall.....

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