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How to make a AssaultCube Server?
Okay i am posting this because i need help on how to make a assaultcube server on a Windows Vista Home premium. Well i made a server i portforwarded and everything also setted up a Static IP. But the problem is i run the server and it says regristration succeeded which means it is running but than after some time about 15 minutes it says it failed. Please if anyone could help me! Also i need help on how to correctly portforward on a Zyxel router on a Windows Vista Home Premium. And also my computers a x64 bit. Please Help Me i would appreciate it!

Heres the link to the game:

Thank you,

.bat   server_autoconfigured.bat (Size: 160 bytes / Downloads: 7)
Perhaps their own forums will be better to ask. Smile
This is not SRCDS related.

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