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Server Install Problems
Basic Info
Virtualised: Proxmox (Only for testing)
Server OS: Debian 6.0.1
Kernel: 2.6.33
Processor:: AMD Athlon x2 64Bit 6400+ Black Edition

This machine is just an old system I have that I will be using till I am confident enough with Linux in general.

I've been foolwing some of the editorials over at and after two attempts of trying to boot from the optimized Kernel ( I keep getting the error "kernel panic-not syncing VFS:unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)". I believe this is down to my error other than the editorial itself.

Could anyone advise? or point me in the right direction at least?

I've also found this GameServer Kernel however I'd rather be able to do this myself rather than use someone else's work.


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There are a lot of websites about this kernel-panic error. Possible solution:
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(04-22-2011, 10:35 PM)Arjen Wrote:  There are a lot of websites about this kernel-panic error. Possible solution:

Thanks Arjen, although how can I edit these files if I cannot boot into the OS?
Don't you have an old kernel present (in /boot) so you can edit the files?
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boot from some rescue system - e.g. any Linux boot CD having the same architecture (32 or 64 bit!) and providing you a command line prompt - mount the root file system e.g. to /mnt/linux and chroot into that directory (i.e. chroot /mnt/linux).

you find also some information avoiding this problem here: (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Much appreciated Arjen and BehaartesEtwas. I've tried to get it to boot and I cant get anywhere with it. I'll continue to play around with the guides etc and see if I can get this up and running.
I eventually got the server up and running and made some minimal changes. After installing CS:Source and running a server I was not able to get past the 1000FPS benchmark I've tried the BEPingboost and was unable to get this running.

It's possible it's a limitation of the computer as the 1000FPS wasnt stable it fluctuated between 900-1000.

Is there anything I shoudl be reading up on before I delve further into this?

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