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Master Server List and port forwarding.
I have installed Ubuntu10 on my VPS, and successfully connected to GameCP. I did set up the game server and it is running.

BUT there is no way that I can find my server in Steam Master server list. I have searched many forums and googled many times and it seems I have to portforward but I don't have a tutorial to forward ports correctly in ubuntu. I have tried the region thing also.

In my console I am always getting:
Failed to load Steam ServiceServiceStart: failed to start

I would appreciate some feedback. Thanks in advance.
More digging I think, I don't have to port forwarding in VPSs
It is solved, I was using wrong method to search for my server name (bummer Smile )
I also happens and I can not access my server. Help me? Big Grin
what I would tell you is this,

if it is vps or dedi dont bother about portforwarding, but check if iptables is blocking required ports by valve.

check sv_region and set it to 255 sv_lan 0.

while making the search in steam browser set the criteria for your current conditions of your server and take a careful look (which I didn't do Wink

if it is at home than I haven't done enough search for it sorry
You should set your sv_region to what it actually is. Player's server browsers tend to load servers located in their region first.
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