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Same Box - SRCDS and HLDS - Tickrate
Hi All.

We just moved from an intel box to a amd box... at the same time they were releasing the latest source update (few days ago). We can get everything started fine.... but if we start our hlds cs 1.6 servers and then start any of the source servers, it modifies the 1.6 servers tickrate/fps.

1.6 servers are at 66 / 66 with a cmdline of -sys_ticrate 66 +fps_max 66

but when I start a source server with:

source servers are NOW at 33 / 33 (testing) with a cmdline of +fps_max 33 -tickrate 33

then the 1.6 server jump to 90-99fps.

1) I thought they removed the tickrate (ticrate? tried both) command from source in june of 10? (it appears to be a valid switch again)
2) Was it the move to a diff proc architecture or their last update?
3) Why is this happening and how can I resolve it?

The old setup was dual 5130 xeons and the new setup is a single amd 9500 quad. I cannot run all of the 1.6 servers with their heavy mods at this higher rate, we have to have them back around 60-70fps. Please let me know if you have any ideas I can try.

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