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SRCDS crashes if addons enabled
I have this weird problem when starting srcds. It just crashes without any reason. Server works fine when I have disabled addons folder, but when I enable it server just crashes. I have sourcemod and metamod in addons folder. I have also tried with mani mod and it crashes then also.

Is there any solution for this problem or something?
Use the newest version available, preferably the snapshot version.
I downloaded the latest version on sourcemod and mani admin plugin but it didn't help.
Use the most recent snapshot versions of sourcemod and metamod. Mani has not yet been updated afaik, so that will not work. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Don't use Mani Admin Plugin, try with SourceMod first and if that works then go with Mani and see if that works.

Remember that MetaMod: Source should also be updated.

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