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Disable texture from server?
Hi! i don´t really know what the thing i seach for is called.
Here is the deal anyhow: i want light on my server not to change when you walk from/to dark/bright areas. then i would like to know how to remove for example: the green three tops in dust2. It feels like this could be a server side command, right? or is this just map related?

Thankful for anyones expertise in this area, the command list is enormous and i just can´t trial n error out this one....

Server running on Linux (slack 13) 2,6ghz/4gb ddr2.
r_3dsky 0

Client side. Smile
No, this will not be the answer. Besides that command has cheat stamp from Valve. It is not a client side problem, when i join other online servers they most often has no green threes in dust2 and will not "recalculate" light as i move from dark to bright areas and yes... i use same cfg on client at all times.
force the command mat_fullbright 1

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