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Srcds crashes
Im having a problem with a server im running in HL2DM. I have others running the same game and this doesn't happen to them at all. Once you send the restart command through rcon the server doesn't come back up.
Ive tried changing the srcds.exe I use serverdoc to auto restart the server. I have removed all of the addons and it will still do it. Updated the server and still same thing. Any suggestions?
VALVe forgot to make the restart function in SRCDS. You must use an external program to minitor the server.
_restart restarts all source games through via server console or rcon using hlsw or admin in game, i use serverdoc to autorestart my servers. the same method works just fine on my other 2 servers in the same game.
If you use the _restart function with SRCDS it just closes the server and never starts it agian, unless you are using a watchdog.

i use serverdoc, i use _restart on all of my servers from hlsw, the others start just fine

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