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Srcds CUP usage..
Hello everybody...
I just wonder if the cpu that my srcds require is notrmal...
four cores 2.67 x 2 (means eight cores)
8GM of ram.
OS: Linux centOS 5.5

Im running like 13 servers with only 30 players playing..
and my cpu usage is on 25%!...
so.. my box can run only +-90 players?
and way to reduce that? is it normal?

let me know =] thx.
25% on all cores or one of the cores? SRCDS isn't multithreaded.
(04-14-2011, 11:02 PM)realchamp Wrote:  25% on all cores or one of the cores? SRCDS isn't multithreaded.
its 25% on all cores...
and please explain what do you mean by multithreaded.
My english is not that well.

multithreaded means that some process can make use of more then one cpu core (simplified explanation...). srcds cannot do this, so if you have 8 cores is can have at most 1/8th = 12.5% load on all cores, if it switches constantly between cores (which can actually be the case). or it can have 100% load on a single core. or something in between.

in either case, the shown cpu usage usually has very little to do with the real cpu usage. just ignore what whichever tool you are using is telling you, it's probably wrong. simply try out at which point the fps are start dropping. and do not try this with bots! only real players help you there.

also keep in mind, the number of players isn't everything. 10 servers with 5 players each probably cost a lot more resources then 1 server with 50 players. and the load is very differently distributed (as 1 server can only take 1 cpu). (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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