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Lag during gameplay after I setup server.
Hi folks,

I have a AMD3500+ with 2gb Crucial Ram, a connection speed of 4mb download and 600kb upload.

I setup a server using the Steam GUI and I tried most of the variables available, but none of them would prevent my game from lagging.

Yes, I would like to play in my own server, that's the reason why I'm setting it up. CPU usage goes up to 100% and I get constantly teleported, back to the place I was. I tried everything.

What do I need to make it work? Please help this server noob out.
sounds like your running the server, and playing on the same computer, it sounds like your computer just plain ol can't handle it, which is pretty common. the server and client game itself are both resource hogs.

soo suggestion, get a second computer for the server. easiest thing to do.
Yea, like I'm a millionaire who can afford all that Big Grin

A computer would be easy, hard would be to pay for the two Internet Connections...

Anyway, the idea of a listen server came to mind.

I tried setting up the server that way, but after sv_lan 0, people who log in my server get this message:

"USER" dropped by server
Reason: This steam account is being used in another location

Any tips on how I could fix that?
First download and run dedicated server, read the sticky's.
you wouldn't need 2 internet connections... just get a router. and computers are cheap, i built the computer i run my server on for like $200.. (i didn't buy all the stuff just for the computer, i had it sitting around, but thats how much it costs with all the items added together actually, i didn't buy anything for the computer =)i have lots of spare parts)

and with the listen server, hmm.. thats od, the only time i have seen that is when somone logs onto a lan server using the external ip, or well.. if the persons steam account was used somewhere else.
Hollanda, the dedicated sv seems not to be the adequate option here, I installed it already and followed the instructions, but if I play and host, the game gets real laggy, teleporting all the way.

There was a steam update for HL1 to fix the reported bug "Steam account being used in another location", when setting up a listen server with sv_lan 0, but the bug still seems to exist for HL2.

Help me out, I contracted this fast connection mainly for server purposes.
Well it's quite simpel: get anonther PC as a server, 1 pc is not good enough to run both the server and the game.

The point is, my friend has the same connection, a worse PC and he is ABLE to run SDS and play the game at the same time. I wonder why I can't.
Did you allready try the standalone dedicated server?
not yet...

that thing takes ages to update

it's updating right now

i'll test it and report right ahead

4 the love of cs Big Grin
well the reason why it won't work, because the difference between stand alone, and the steam version, aren't very much, especially if you have to have steam open anyways to run css. it will just take up more space on the hard drive. but whats happening, is you probly just have other stuff running on the computer, little things, but enough to use enough cpu/memory to make the game lag. soo what you need to do, is get a good spy ware/ad ware remover, and clean the hell out of everything in your computer. i mean that literaly, and software wise. cuz a lot of dust in the case can slow a computer down.

but make sure there aren't any programs open that don't need to be, like aim, or blah blah blah. basically the ONLY thing you can have running is the server, and the game. and really the easiest way to achieve that, imo is to format the hd, and reinstall windows. that will make sure you don't have stupid trojans, adware, spyware, or anything that uses up any cpu. you also would need to disable all the services windows opens up automatically.

also you could try defragging the hard drive. that could help a lot if you dont' ever do it. you could also set the server priority to above normal or high. so that way the server will run better then your game.

-edit, changed real time to high, its generally not a good idea to run anything in real time, i must of been thinking about it when i was typing.. lol

yea, there's lots of crap in my computer, I must admit.

Plus, 2 120gb HDs and one 200 gb HD, almost fully loaded.

anyway, I tried the stand alone and it was the same deal, lag, teleporting, etc.

I wonder how my friends get the thing to work...

I'll try removing the crap meanwhile
yea.. if you have that much.. you might just need a good defrag of all the hard drives. usually haveing that much on a computer at all will slow it down. thats why i have a computer dedicated to holding all my random files, a file server as you will. so that way i don't have my computer overloaded.

soo try a defrag, good spyware adware romover. especially if you achieved a lot of that stuff by means of p2p downloading (nothing against you if you do, i have a LOT of stuff from that =P) but yea, that stuff is known to be adware/trogan full. and even the best detectors can catch under half of em out there. its worth a try though.. but the BEST thing.. is a second computer, hands down. if you can choke up 200 or so bucks.. hell its christmas time =)

I live in Brazil and computer do not come that cheap here.

But, I might think about that option. The biggest issue for me is space, actually.

Oh, and would I have to get a second steam account to run the server?

I really wanted to be able to run the listen server, though. And still wonder how my friend runs the dedicated and the game in the same machine.
yea, im not talkin about buying a dell or something.. im talkin goin to newegg and orderin a mobo, cpu, and blah blah.. but i don't know if newegg ships outta country? and also space wouldn't really be a big issue, cuz the computer doesn't really need a keyboard, mouse monitor, anything.. just plug yours in to set it up, have it set so when it turns on server checker or something will autostart the server, and set up windows remote desktop. so that way later if anything needs to be done to it, just remote it, and there ya go.. but imma geek, and i have 3 computers at my house running like that.

and no you don't need a second steam account, you don't need an account at all to download the stand-alone srcds.

a listen server might work a lil better, but the server will only be up when your in the game, which kinda sux. worth a try though.

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