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SRCDS block fps_max ?
In HLDS if you edit the start command line with "-sys_ticrate 500" the user cannot modify that value.
What about SRCDS ?
I start the server with "-tickrate 66 -fps_max 70" but the server still runs in ~ 1000 fps,which is not necessary at all.
What is the solution to block "fps_max" ?
You need to set +fps_max, not -fps_max
you don't understand.
ok,i start my server with "./srcds_run -game cstrike +fps_max 70" , but i don't want admins to be able to change value of "fps_max".not by server.cfg,not by command.
Only give admin to people you trust not to run the command? Or search for a plugin to do so. I think I've seen some event scripts that can block inputs.
+fps_max 70 +alias fps_max echo "No thanks"

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(04-09-2011, 08:14 AM)Monk Wrote:  +fps_max 70 +alias fps_max echo "No thanks"

This ^


Also found in FAQ section Smile

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