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Mani admin plugin and Nosteam
Hello my friends,

I have a dedicated server (linux) running the latest orangebox version of CSS! I have installed eSteamation to crack the server and allow non-steam connections. All were fine until I installed Mani admin plugin. After that, non-steam users cannot connect and the message is: Steam validation rejected. None of the files were changed by mani admin plugin because i had the files of mani in the folders of srcds and all were right. After i ran the command in server terminal to load the plugin according to mani plugin website: plugin_load .../mani_admin_plugin_i486. After that no one with a nosteam CSS can connect. Any help?

Thanks in advance
nosteam is not supported in this forum. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!
Nope Smile

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