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Steam on mac? Do we get an OSX / Darwin srcds?
Where would I follow the update pulse on this?

Steam just released it's mac client for OSX and now i'm wondering when we're going to see a dedicated server we can run? Will this be something I should follow here or on I

I know it just has to be a matter but time, but honestly, all it would take is for a single dev at steam to take the srcds source code, make sure it's got all the darwin library's, compile it, BAM. DONE.

Can I paypal 50 bucks to some dev who owns the source to hldsupdate.bin to recompile the binaries? lol. I know it may not be that simple, but i know that 99.9% of sources available for linux need ABSOLUTELY nothing else done to them besides ./config | Make && Make install to run on osx.
Valve did say that SRCDS was coming to Mac, but never said when.
Since we don't have a direct relationship with Valve, you would have to ask valve abut that. I'll try to get some more information on SRCDS for Mac.
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I think you can because garry put a tutorial on how to set up one here

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