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mani question
I dont want to ask this question over at the mani forums. I don't like mani all that much, but if i could disable over half of the commands that mani includes, I'd love the mod, so...

If i only want to use certain mani options can i just delete them from the mani configuration, or would i have to go through and set each one to 0?

I wont even bother using mani if i have to go through and set the stuff to 0. I want NemoD back Sad
you would have to disable them in the mani config file

its not that bad.. atleast you only have to do it once.. lol
hark at u MZRacer if you dont like Mani go and write your own. Just because you dont like it doesnt mean the rest of the community doesnt. you narrow-minded goon
..thats uncalled for. he didn't say it was a bad plugin, just that it had too much for him.

and name calling is so immature.
Why not setting the rights so only the commands you want is displayed..
I hope your using manis menu, its great, just one command to bind to a key "admin" then you doing everything in a ingame menu..
meh i dislike the ingame menu anyways.. much easier just to type in the in game chat like @slay #all ... they love that one Toungue

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