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SRCDS problems with memory, processing, Plugs or problems?

Well folks, I have a server Counter-Strike: Source tickrate 66 of 42 slots with the CentOS operating system, with 16GB of RAM and Core 2 Quad Q9450 2.66 GHz

Ca for a while, my server started to consume a ridiculously high amount of memory in a very short time, while a comparison made with servers of the same size, the remaining patients with a fixed amount of memory consumed or change of only 0.2% .

Following print:
[Image: mempre.jpg]

Server / User in question is the server / User css27028, in print that had just been restarted for the amount of memory to equal those of other servers / users.
Server / User css27016 is an exact copy of the User servidor/css27028.
Today, thinking that maybe the problem was a lot of cache memory allocated, I ran the command to cleanup the memory cache, which was a considerable gain of memory available, but the problems of memory usage by the User css27028 continued. So I made a little script that automatically sets priority processing to -20 and makes the simultaneous use of two colors of the machine, so I think that would reduce the excessive consumption of memory, increasing the processing.
When he is with the record low level, locked and interrupts the game rarely happen even with the consumption of processing 97%.
When he is with the memory at high level, also commonly become caught in the game, regardless of the load-consuming process and can occur even with Travadinha consumption by 30%
I've been also noticed that the rise in consumption of fast memory is getting frequently, causing instabilities in the server / User css27028.

The print below was taken 10 minutes after the first print.
[Image: mempos.jpg]

Note that the memory usage increased and the tendency of it is absurdly only rise throughout the day.
The only way I clean that memory used is killing the User Process css27028, because even with the command cache cleaning it back to normal.

I have a number of plugs which, in my view, it is normal for the other servers.

The problem is compounded when little more than 30 people enter the server, where the Lerp glows yellow and begins to cause lags

MetaMod Plugs installed:

[01] Mani Admin Plugin (1.2vb SMM) by Mani
[02] SourceMod (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
[03] Stripper (1.2.1) by BAILOPAN
[04] CS:S Tools (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
[05] SDK Tools (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
[06] SDK Hooks (2.0.0b2) by Tsunami, psychonic

SourceMod Plugs installed :

01 "Basic Chat" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
02 "SourceBans" (1.4.7) by InterWave Studios Development Team
03 "RoundSound Intocaveis" (vIntocaveisCSS) by Int | BielX
04 "Basic Votes" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
05 "Intocaveis Dissolve" ( by Int|BielX
06 "Intocaveis KnifeSyphon" (1.8) by Int|BielX
07 "Rate watcher" (0.16) by X@IDER
08 "No Block" ( by sslice
09 "Intocaveis FlashProtect" (1.3.0) by Int|BielX
10 "Kick download filters" (1.0) by Matrix | Cientista
11 "Intocaveis Show Damage" (1.0.7) by Int|BielX
12 "Advanced c4 Countdown Timer" (1.4.1) by dalto
13 "Intocaveis Spray Tracer" (5.8) by Int|BielX
14 "Bot Ping" (1.0.1) by Knagg0
15 "Admin Menu" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
16 "gameME Plugin" (3.7) by TTS Oetzel & Goerz GmbH
17 "Intocaveis VBAC" (3.3) by Int|BielX
18 "Admin Help" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
19 "Fun Commands" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
20 "Basic Info Triggers" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
21 "Client Execute" ( by Twilight Suzuka
22 "Admin File Reader" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
23 "Say MOTD" (1.0) by Matrix | Cientista
24 "Player Commands" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
25 "Client Preferences" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
26 "IntocaveisDefuse" (0.1) by intocaveis| BielX WCS
27 "Extra Cash" (0.2) by Peoples Army
28 "Basic Comm Control" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
29 "Intocaveis Anti-Micspam" (0.5) by Int|BielX
30 "Intocaveis Map Decals" (1.1) by Int|BielX
31 "Poser_intocaveis" (1.0) by Int|BielX
32 "Kigen's Anti-Cheat" ( by CodingDirect LLC
33 "Advertisements" (0.5.5) by Tsunami
34 "Save Scores" (1.1.0) by exvel
35 "Server Clean Up" (1.1.7) by Jamster
36 "Matrix Dynamic Quake" (1.8) by Matrix | Cientista
37 "Fun Votes" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
38 "Basic Commands" (1.4.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
39 "Intocaveis VAC Status Checker" (1.3.3) by Int|BielX
40 "Stop HintText Sound" (1.0.0) by Tauphi, exvel
41 "Bot Names" (1.0) by Rakeri
42 "SM Super Commands" (0.60) by pRED*

If you do not know any of the plugs installed, please ask me I say what he does, so you can see if the problem is caused by the plug or not.

I do not use eventscripts.

I always used all the plugs listed above without any problem, but for a while now, my server started to have problems.

Only a few plugs were added in the interim period, which was the Poser_Intocaveis, which is a plug to steal the opponent's skin on the knife that was rescheduled for Sourcemod.

Was that because of some plugin to update the CSS began to consume A LOT of server?

My problem is related to memory or processing too?

With more servers with the same size, only 3 or 4 plugins are different from mine, and these servers do not consume so much and can achieve 42 FULL slots with no problems.

Could someone help me?


try disabling all plugins on the respective server. even if you think you might exclude certain plugins as the did not cause trouble in the past or on other servers, they still can cause this. if the problem goes away without any plugin you can try re-enabling the plugins one by one until the problem reoccurs.

if this is not plugin related (i.e. problem remains even without any plugin), try a fresh server installation.

if you have other servers on the same root not affected by this problem you can at least rule out the OS and hardware. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!

I disabled all the plugs and nothing. Also made ​​a new resettlement patir of my motherboard and memory consumption issue continues.

It is to download a srcds from scratch?
(03-28-2011, 05:52 PM)BehaartesEtwas Wrote:  if this is not plugin related (i.e. problem remains even without any plugin), try a fresh server installation. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!

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