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subdomain name point to game server IP
Whenever I get a new server one of the thing's I do first is to setup a subdomain name to point to my voice ( Ventrilo, Teamspeak... ) and game server IP addresses. The main reason I do the IP redirect is for the free advertisement of the noobGamers site but also it's easy to remember instead of something like In order to do this you need to have "Simple DNS Zone Editor" and/or "Advanced DNS Zone Editor" in "Domains" section of your web hosting control panel ( Cpanel ).

[Image: dnszone.jpg]

Login to your cotrol panel then look for the section called "Domains" and in that box see if you have one or both "DNS Zone" icons. If not then contact your web host technical support and ask them if they can "add an A record" so that the subdomain name point to your game server's IP address.

Simple DNS Zone Editor:
[Image: simpleaddrecord.jpg]

Like the name suggest "Simple" because all you need to add in the name box the subdomain part of the name ex... CSS and cpanel automatically add the rest of the domain name. In address box you add the IP address of the gameserver without the port number if you added the number correctly you will see a green checkmark.

Click the add record button to finish.

Advanced DNS Zone Editor:
[Image: advancedaddrecord.jpg]

In "Advanced" dns zone is the same for name and address. The only difference is that "TTL" I normally use 14400 when making a new A record. In "Type" should be left in A since that what we want to create.

Click the add record button to finish.

User-Defined Records:
[Image: userdefinedrecords.jpg]

Once you're done the record should look something similar to the entries in the image above.

Original can be read: How to setup subdomain name to point to game server ip.

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