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L4D2 Random crashes after update (
Anyone have the same problem?
I have disabled SourceMod & Metamod by renaming the .vdf file - HLSW shows all my servers listed w/o any plugins, but it still happens.

The server will fill up with players, and suddenly crash after a few minutes.
The quad core host is not overloaded, and this is just something that happened after final patch from valve for l4d2.
The host is running WinXP with latest updates from MS.

The same quad box is hosting CSS, TF2, cs 1.6 and Left 4 Dead 1 - all those are stable as a rock.

I have three servers on three different installs, and they all crash.

If Noone have the samme error, I will simply need to do a re-install *sigh*
update it again

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