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Unable to speak / type / talk in-game.
Hi I'm having the problem that i can't speak on my own server, i can speak on everyone else's server just fine.. And other people can even speak on my server but i can't:


On my own server, been trying to talk to people for quite some time and they just ignore me so.

I wanted to update gametypes.txt to the beta one as i might think it could be a problem that mani-admin-plugin is causing but i can't cause their site won't let me DL it. Any suggestions?? Please help, thanks![/font]
You might want to try and diagnose the problem: Uninstall Mani-Admin, then see if you can talk. If you can, then reinstall Mani-Admin, and don't mess with anything. If you can't, try removing any plugins you might have.
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Are you playing on the same computer as the server is running on?
(03-25-2011, 01:34 PM)Bob Dole Wrote:  Are you playing on the same computer as the server is running on?


I have that problem too, but when I read some of the other posts here on the forums I found out that if you are playing on the same machine as the server is running on, then you (the owner) sometimes has trouble with the server.

I'm not too good with CSS servers, but this might work. Put it in your server.cfg file
"sv_alltalk"               "1"

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