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Win2003 and DoD:S Dedicated
I'm trying to get a Day of Defeat: Source Dedicated Server running on my Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition server. I have everything downloaded, ran the update tool and got it all. But when I run srcds.exe nothing seems to happen. I checked the event logs and found nothing, tried adding a -debug to the end of the launch string and nothing. Here is the string in the batch file I am trying to use to launch it.

srcds.exe -console -game dods -secure +ip -port 27015 +maxplayers 20 +map dod_argentan -autoupdate -debug

I've also tried different variations of the string, and simply just double-clicking srcds.exe. I haven't found any posts on this and was hoping someone had some input.
well hmm.. first off you don't need the -secure command.. servers a secure be default. im not exactly sure what the game type would be for dods, but judging that css is just cstrike, dods may just be dod. worth a try?.. thats about the only thing that comes to mind though.
Im have the same problem with the same set up, some one please help.

Use to run srcds.exe as a service (in most cases srcds.exe wont start when double clicking it). For only 1 service firedaemon is for free, else it'll cost a few $.

Quote:srcds.exe -console -game dod +ip -port 27015 +maxplayers 20 +map dod_argentan -autoupdate -debug

Also, read this:
hollanda.. he said he was using a batch file to start the server.. not "double clicking it"

but you did unknowingly answer the question. use "-game dod" not dods.. and i haven't heard very good things about firedaemon.. i like server checker =)
Whatever, but he used the wrong string, and the built windows stuff isn't that good.

But can you plz explain me why you are not advicing firedaemon? Just from "what you heard from" or did you use it your selve? I'm using it for over a year now on four w2003 servers...there's even an http webmanager built in, a sort of control panel which enables you to stop/start servers via http and ad useraccounts to certain servers (a sort of simple gamehost control panel).

Few of the bad things in serverchecker:
(1) It does not have web control
(2) It opens servers minimized which makes them use more RAM
ook.. a minimized server might use 1mb more a ram then running not being able to see it.. big deal? if a mb of ram kills anything.. buddy you need a new computer.. and if its just a simple server for him some friends, maybe a small clan or something to use, what good is a webmanager? i mean really... and i have heard that at times it (firedaemon) is unstable.. i have never used it, i heard it costs, and i think thats crazy. lol. also, i like the idea of being able to see the console screen, for trouble shooting purposes. so yea if your running a gsp.. use it, but a simple server, that really doesnt mean that much.. as long as something keeps the server up.

and what do you mean the built in windows stuff isn't that good? a batch file? batch files basically run the computer, if it wasn't that good.. then the whole os wouldn't run very good, and it wouldn't boot very good, cuz theres this bat file that enables your computer too boot. buut anyways.. if you want to use firedaemon, go ahead.. i have heard good and bad things about it, its just seems like it has un needed things, like webinterface. unless your running a gsp..
Just to be short: You have no experience with neither firedaemon and serverchecker? What the hell are you talking about then?

Just to be clear: I've worked with both programs and must say serverchecker's basic is nice, but it's not finished yet.

And for your understanding: I run a couple of servers with firedaemon, and if it's "not so good", as you say, Skeletor, how can I then have a average player total of over 16 players on 1 of my servers? (for more then 6 months)


About the info you can find when you are running console: that's logged in both the log files as in the console.log

batch files aren't stable for using icm srcds.exe

Nexttime plz don't talk about anything you don't know and haven't tested yourself.

oh man.. i know what im talking about with server checker. im not going to argue, i have said i dont know that much about firedaemon.. just what i have heard.. i said that. im just saying WHAT I HEARD. gah.. and the amount of players has nthing to do with what loads the server.. i use server checker to run multiple servers. i like it a lot. it works like a charm, never faild me. and a batch file will be just as stable as anything else.. i have also ran a server for months on a batch file.. so i DO know what im talking about.

anyways.. useless argueing.. kinda pathetic actually. everyone has a preference, you like firedaemon. awesome! i will probly never choose to use it though. i may, just to say i have tryed it. but i don't know.

i just wanted to post what i have heard from other people, since i had to experience on firedaemon... didn't know it was such a crime.

anyways back to the original post. just take out the s in dods to load the server. But a server loader of some sort is nice, weather it be firedaemon, server checker, (mean) loader, or something, thats all i can think of off the top of my head. its a matter of preference.

-updated the post so it wasn't a total useless ranting reply.
if you do choose to use firedaemon, here is a link to a page thats pretty nice on installing and setting it up, from what i hear. but then again, i HAVEN'T done it myself. just thought i would post the page since it was on the wiki, and i remembered seeing something about it there.

and that wiki is pretty nice source of information for a lot of different (game server related) things.. just as a side note.

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