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Second server Ports
I'm a Bit new to srcds and wanted a few servers for beta testing, I have one Garrys mod server running on port 27015 with these ports forwarded:

1200 ~ 1200 UDP
27000 ~ 27015 UDP
27020 ~ 27039 TCP
27020 ~ 27020 UDP
27015 ~ 27015 TCP

I was just wondering if I can get some help on getting another Garry's Mod server at port 27035. Can anyone tell what ports to forward exactly?

Thank You!
You don't need to open any other ports with your current configuration, unless the other server is running on a different machine.

But you will however need to specify "-port 27035" in the start parms of server #2 Smile

Else you'll be good to go. I'm assuming the Windows firewall is configurated accordingly.
Ok thanks!

As for the firewall I have no idea, it let my first server at port 27015 go through so people can join. Do I need to configure Something else with my firewall?

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