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Running the server and playin on it on the same computer?
Ive tried this but its not quite playable, it slows the server waaay down and everyone starts warping. Theres bound to be a way to play on your own server without havin to use another computer? Is it something to do with cpu maybe? Here are my specs:

AMD Athlon XP 2800+
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB
2MB broadband

Itd be so much easier if i cud do both, any ideas?

not really.. its not advisable at all. and if it gets that bad when you do it, then i would imaging your computer just isn't gonna be able to do it.
i was playing with 2 of my friends last night on my own server on my own computer, and it was running just fine, well at first it was lagging for one of them but after a while we figured out that was because his brother had something downloading.

So i guess it is possible, maybe it just worked for me because i don't really have alot of people on my server, just people i actually know.
What is your processor clock speed? I am not very good with AMD model types as I mostly use intels.

Unless your machine is high end (which it looks so besides the vid card and I dont know your GHz) you can, depending on a case by case basis, sometimes play on your server at the same time

My machine can do that with a 10-12 man server...

3.2 Intel HT P4
1 gig Ram
250 GB HD
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 256 MG
Big Bandwidth

I can play just fine with a full server, just that map changes may take up to 30 secs longer.
My Specs
AMD Athlon 64 2800+
1 GB Ram
nvidia FX 5950 Ultra

I'm Running a 10 Man Server and playing on it with no problems At all ...

Maybe u Forgot to put srcds.exe on Above Normal Prority.
make sure u have that and thats about it...
to manually change priority >
1 - Ctrl + Alt + Del
2 - Processes > look for srcds.exe
3 - Right click on it and set Priority to Above Normal.
Test ur server and tell me it works. ..
That amd 2800 series doesn't have a big enough FSB, and the only real way to play on the same computer is with dual core. Before i bought my dedicated server, i used my gaming computer and it worked fine.

My Gaming Computer Specs (i spent a f load of money, most were hook ups so i'm proud to brag!)

Pentium Extreme 3.2 Ghz Dual Core
4 gig's dual channel corsair
150 Gig WD Raptor X (SATA)
Gigabyte pro SLI mobo
Dual 7800 gtx 512's
650 watt pgu
full corsair cpu water cooling
custom painted case
8mb broadband

with this setup, full graphics and x16 antilasing i can run css with 170 fps, and i played on the same computer with a 64 player server with 20 people playing, my computer was fine but.... it was the network, i only had 5 ping so i was lag free, but some people had 600 ping.

HOwever this is qutie deciving, even though i only have cable internet, 10 of my friends that went on the server had less than 40 ping? how is this possible? they are on the same network in san diego and all have road runner cable. So where you live can play a huge role. But with a T3 i can probably run 3 64 player servers on this machine.

if you want some gnarly stuff, buy a dell blade server, the poweredge server my bud has, 4 fricking cpu's all dual core! that's a lot of servers on that beast, plus it has a fricking terabyte which is cool!
Full cast 8 blade servers and a T-3 line you can have 80+ servers but it's gonna cost you maybe 40 grand so you better have the bucks.

i know i'm ranting on so in conclusion it's a million times cheaper just to rent some slots or rent a dedicated server, bottom line!
meh, screw dell poweredge, lol. i could build a computer twice as good for half the cost. yesterday on my home computer i ran a server all day with 10 bots in it, still played css, nhsmw, and trackmania nations and it didn't slow it down, or lower fps at all. at a peak the server touched 3% of my cpu, and about 40mb of memory. and my computer isn't that good, just
p4 3.0 HT o.c. to 3.2
1gig of mem, can't remember brand
msi mobo (thats what keeps me from ocing more, stupid mobo dies.
650 watt psu
full system watercooling is cooming after i build this case =)
yea yea full custom case is comming, lol.
crappy dsl.
oh forgot my crappy 6200 geforce with 256mb ddr video card. well its not bad, i run most css maps with about 70 fps with everything up, i run tmn with like 130fps and everything high. nfsmw i have no idea, lol.

i wish i had a terabyte of storage, lol. im too poor for that much hard drive, but im working my way there..
your not gonna wann oc your cpu skel, ecspecially if you decide to get windows vista which will revolutionize the true 64 bit computing, not 2 mention it void's the warranty from intel. but that chip is only 230 bucks so it isn't that big of a deal. I payed 950 bucks for my cpu and i would never try to oc a dual core chip, so so unstable
i do that i might get a couple of lag spikes but nuthin really i dont no how but if i figure it out ill post
meh, my cpu rocks at overclocking, i overclocked it to 3.8ghz once, and it was stable, with temp only rising about 10 degrees idle. but then my mobo shut down the computer and didn't wanna do anything. lol. but at just 3.2 overclock it has been just as stable as anything i have ever used, and actually temps droped a couple degrees.

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