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Server Ports?
What's the minimum number ports i need open for my server to work? My server is not on the computer i play on and it will be running on the default port of 27015.

I also want to be able to update the server files.

I have 27015 TCP and UDP port open on my firewall but srcds isint able to download and update the server files (Garrys Mod).
What errors do you encounter?

Also these are the ports you should open:
Steam Friends Service UDP 1200 1200
Steam Main UDP UDP 27000 27015
Steam Main TCP TCP 27020 27039
Steam CyberCafe TCP 27040 27041
Steam Dedicated Server HLDS, SRCDS UDP 27015 27015
Steam Dedicated Server HLTV UDP 27020 27020
Steam SRCDS Rcon TCP 27015 27015
(03-20-2011, 04:53 AM)PAL-18 Wrote:  I finally got the server running by opening:

TCP: 27015,27030 to 27039
UDP: 27015

But when i start my server i get the following error:

Could not establish connection to Steam servers.

I want VAC enabled and i also dont want to open extra ports that dont need to be open (like steam friend service). This is a dedicated server computer and i dont need the steam client ports.

Try to disable your firewall Smile

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