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Everything has been running fine until I added 50+ maps into my map directory. Now when I double-click the map variable on the GUI SRCDS interface, the box pops-up but no available maps to choose from. Same if I were to double-click the Map cycle variable, the box has two columns and nothing is in the left column (available maps).

What could have possibly gone wrong? WHat can I do to fix this problem?? The only time I have a choice on the map is if I choose the map when SRCDS is initialized.
you should be using the console mode rather than the GUI.

have you tried the changelevel command?
to fix the problem.. run in console mode. make a maplist.txt file and a mapcycle.txt file. the gui mode never works right. a pain in the ass really. console is much more simple, clear and straigh to the point. and it uses less resources
psh.. zealot posting just before me =)

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