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SourceBans 1.4.8 released!
An update for SourceBans has been released.

This release contains some serious security fixes facing a current exploit. All site administrators are highly recommended to update their installations now.

(12/03/11): Version 1.4.8
01. * Added option to hide player IP's from public on banlist
02. * Added search for comments
03. * Added little icon on banlist indicating that there are comments on that ban
04. * Added option to ban by community id (converted to steamid)
05. * Added edit form validation
06. + Seperated server admin password from web password in admin adding form
07. + CServerInfo & CServerRcon classes updated to support BIND_IP for web servers with strict firewall/IP policies
08. + Added error logging to local ban queue
09. + Added links to FAQ to common error messages in plugin
10. + Changed emailing form to only send to emails that belong to submissions or protests
11. ! Fixed XSS exploit (Thanks to Sw1tCh)
12. ! Fixed showing php notices
13. ! Fixed admins losing permissions if gameserver can't connect to the database
14. ! Fixed RCON console in IE (Thanks Synergy)
15. ! Debug output now only allowed if DEVELOPER_MODE is enabled
16. ! Fixed trying to reach servers with buggy empty ip/port field
17. ! Fixed not downloading demos with space in filename
18. ! Fixed webinterface not hiding RCON properly and only allow sending rcon commands to servers the admin has access to
19. ! Fixed System log does not take summertime into account
20. ! Fixed the contact url in kickit messages getting cut off
21. ! Fixed setting "Error getting name" instead of "Imported Ban" when importing bans from banned_user.cfg and being unable to fetch the player name
22. ? Added hint to servers page mentioning the player context menu
23. ? Updated IpToCountry.csv for country lookup
24. ? Changed footer and logo to

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