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memory problems
Hey everyone, I have a Counter-Strike Source dedicated server. I just got the update for it and the mani update too. But now, everytime I try to start my server I get a memory error message. The error looks like this: [The instruction at "0x0da47296" referenced memory at "0x0118e00c0". The memory could not be read.] Any ideas on how I can fix this? Thanks.
be sure you updated mani.. also i have heard that if you had the beta version of mani you will have to delete the .dat files for mani. or the server will crash
Are you running it with bots?

have you added the -nocrashdialog to the command line. That is supposed to help with some memory errors.

Try removing the mani from the addons folder and see if it still happens and that will tell if that is it.

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