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fps is only 125.. believe I have everything right
I was wondering exactly how to change the user_hz thing... That is my last thing I think it could be

i changed what was in /usr/include/asm/param.h to 1000, rebooted and still nothing

stats shows 124-125 fps, while the windows box thats the exact same runs at about 500

fps_max 600 is on both servers, the windows is running the high res timer, so I'm down to the kernel issue I believe

(no its not a hardware issue)

edit: fedora core 4

gcc 4.0.2
ldd 2.3.5
kernel 2.6.14
Hmmm by default 2.6.14 runs 250 HZ. Try to downgrade to a lower kernel say 2.6.9 which runs at 1000 HZ by default.
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hmm, i remember changing something that was like

#define HZ systicset(blahblahblah) or something

i changed it to 1000, still doesn't work

i'm not sure how much i trust myself to mess with really messing with the kernel :x its at a datacenter in chicago so it means $50 if I mess up Toungue

what is the exact thing that line should contain?
is /usr/include/asm the correct location for param.h? to be honest I don't even know if thats the right thing i'm changing.. there wasn't any asm-**** directories
well is till have no idea how to rebuild the kernel or whatever you have to do, but i just changed my grub to load the 2.6.11 that was already installed so i guess i'm good
If you wish to give me login (give me a username with the ability to sudo su without a password therefore you won't have to give me your root password) i can prolly take a look at your kernel and set the timer to 1000Hz
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