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[SOLVED]Can't find server in steam.
Solved my problem by using the DNAT (SNAT) function on the routers firewall Big Grin


I've been using srcds for a long time now and suddenly I got a really weird problem.

Im hosting a srcds css server in a LAN behind a router. (The routers firewall have all of it out ports open (LAN -> WAN) and just the needed in ports opened (27015))

Now, the server runs just fine, I can connect to it from outside and other people can connect as well. In steam I can find the server by typing in <EXTERNAL IP>:<PORT> or <DomainName>:<PORT> while searching servers in the favorites. The problem is that I can't see my server while searching through all servers (Internet tab in steam-servers) with f.ex. Map-filter.

How do I solve this so my server is shown in internet-steam-tab as well?


Could you explain in greater detail? I'm looking through my router and the answer doesn't seem at all obvious to me.

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