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sm plugins list showin jus 8 plugins when i have 24 plguins
Hi All,

Can someone help me on this? I have installed 24 plugins in my L4D1 server. When i do a sm plugins list in HLSW and in my own server it will only show 8 plugins. But the thing is when i do a sm plugins refresh and i do a sm plugins list again it will then show the 24 plugins. When i restart the server again or go in my server it will still show 8 plugins. Is one of my plugins affectin this? Or am i doin somethin wrong? Please advise. Thank you.

They are made in lists. That means you have to skip page every 8 addon.
sm plugin list 1 // First 8
sm plugin list 2 // 8 - 16
Atleast that's what I think. Not completely sure Smile
Hi There. Yep i get what u mean as in i have to type sm plugins list 22 for the 2nd half of it to be shown. But in my case it jus shows jus 8 plugins which means when i play in my server the other plugins are not in effect. But somehow when i sm plugins refresh and do sm plugins lists it shows the full 24 plugins. But then it will go back to the 8 plugins again when i restart the server or when i enter my server the 2nd time. So from what i observe the other plugins will not be in effect if i dont refresh. Thats odd actually. Because i have to refresh it every single time.

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