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Can I run SRCDS on a VPS?
Assuming it has 1GB RAM, is it possible? I'd like to move my small (14 players average) Garry's Mod server over to a host where I have more customization options (read: not a game server provider), but I can't afford a dedicated server.
It IS possible, but you're gonna experience lag, since the CPU is shared. So like if one customer has a program that uses alot of cpu resources, then your server's gonna lag.
Yes it is possible. I've done it myself, but shared ressources isn't a good thing when it comes to SRCDS.
I don't understand why isn't anyone mentioning that there are different types of VPSes. There is hybrid, openvz, xen and many others.

The best virtual environment to run a gameserver from my experience is xen or hybrid.
in any case, the VPS system has to assign CPU time slices to the different VPS, which will always reduce the quality. there are two scenarios:
- you have a root server and want to run different game servers in different VPS for some reason - it's always better to run them directly on the root.
- you don't want to buy a root server and buy instead a (cheaper) VPS. VPS hosters usually optimize their systems for web applications etc. if you look for a hoster that explicitly advertises game server performance, you are again at the first point: it would be better for the hoster to run the game servers together directly on the root (classic shared hosting).

you can be lucky though to fine a hoster that "accidentally" has a good game server performance. but you are better off by looking for a cheap root server (especially as everything can change e.g. when more customers get on your hardware node). (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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