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hldsupdatetool wont download srcds.exe?
Ive got a problem. like title says, hldsupdatetool wont download srcds.exe.
Ive followed the instructions from everywhere, and looks like nothing can help me. After download ive got only these files:

No srcds.exe, and ive tried to download everything twice.

Please, someone help meSad

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Its located within the orangebox/srcds.exe

Thats why it isnt within this location, your simply looking in the wrong folder.
thanksBig Grin sorry for being stupidToungue
You helped me too, thanks. I think we're just not as observant and when we don't get what we want we panic. Haha
- WR

Please edit the title of your original post and add [RESOLVED] to it so people searching here know it's fixed.

Thank you and glad you got the help you needed.
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