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Is there a way to restrict spawning of a certain vehicle?
Hi, I need to know how i can restrict 2 vehicles, Airboat and Jeep (due to server crash, due to my server being linux) I want people to still be able to spawn chairs just not jeeps or airboats.

Is there anything I can put in the Server.cfg that i can use to do this? or any Sbox console commands

I use a garrysmod Linux server (the reast of the server is fine) thanks!
Isn't Linux officially supported by GarrysMod? Well try to delete the files fro the vehicles, then they shouldn't show up.
I thought so too, however i can spawn some vehicles, but when a friends come on the server and spawn it, then it crashes.
I'm pretty sure you can restrict them from within ULX, maybe not though.

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