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srcds error
Ok guys, I have been trying to creat a bootable Counter Strike Source server. I'm using DSL linux V.2. I downloaded all the files, but since the size was too big for a cd, I deleted the hl2 directory. I boot into the gui, and open a consol window. After going root and then into the proper directory, I type in

Quote:./srcds_run -console -game cstrike +map de_dust -maxplayers 16

And I get this error:

Quote:IDLLFunctions:: DLLInit returned false

Info the sticky asked for is attached (no gcc installed in DSL). Hardware of current server:

Abit-nf7-s v.2
AMD XP-M 2500+
1GB Corsair Value Select
BFG GeForce 6800

Please help me. I have spent most of 4 days, a dozen or so CD's, 2 DVD's, and managed to destroy a 160gb hdd Sad trying to do this...............

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