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Cannot set up server!!!
Hello everyone!

I just got a dedicated server through server beach with windows server 2008. and I want to set up a counter strike 1.6 dedicated server on there...however I keep running into problems. I follwed directions from Steam and everytime I try to start the server this is what I get....

It says its online,, but I cant find it and I cant connect to it... Any suggestions on how to get this thing up and running? Thanks in advance!!

click on the screen shot...

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Moved topic Smile

Which IP did you use to connect?
The console is fine, you often get that error. Make sure your ports are forwarded correctly (27015-27045) and that it isn't behaving as a LAN server

(sv_lan 0).

If this isn't working for you, try typing "heartbeat" into console. That forces the server to announce itself to the Steam Master Servers.

Most likely, your ports are not forwarded correctly, however. Is that server hosted on your local network? Try "connect <server IP:port> in the Counter Strike console.
Also, try sv_region 0 if the above does not work.
thekidheat (and for anyone else reading this who want's help fixing their server by posting on this site),

The first thing that comes to mind is I'm wondering if you are even running an SRCDS server or a listen server using Steam? I have at least a dozen other questions about how you're running your server before we can help you fix the issue. You need to at least post the info we need to help you, so please read this post: This request appears on the top of every support topic area here. It's the basic info we need to help you and will get you the fastest and most accurate responses to your request for help without filling threads on this site with garbage that people have to wade through for the answers they need. Without this, all we do is go back an forth posting useless one-line guesses about what might be going on and waste everyone's time.

As as you post this info, we're all over this and we'll get you zooming!
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