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scrds.exe -Entry Point Not Found
The Procedure entry point
?AddProfileForThread@CVProfManager@@QaEPAVCVProfileThreadEntry@@PAVCVProfile@@I@​Z could not be located in the dynamic link library tier0_s.dll

I get this TWICE

EDIT: that's not the only problem, when people try to connect they cant.
Are you using Windows 7? If so, close Steam and then launch the server agian.

Did you give them this ip? What's my ip address, create your own visitors IP image
And is your ports open?
i must have given the wron ip
i didnt't know that mas my ip... ok i'll see what i can do, yes i have port forwarded and i AM using widows 7
no that didnt show my ip
by the way they still cant connect
should my ip adress start with 10.0.0.? or is that wrong... because i don't know hats wrong then. should it be ?
u there?
Give them the IP I posted in my first reply Smile
You must connect with your local ip.
I also think i have port forwarded incorrectly. can you help me.
my IPV4 address is always different every time i log onto my computer (cmd, ipconfig)
that is my private ip. I am running Norton Internet Security, and the firewall. I think i may need to configure that as well. Please post all the instructions in the next reply.


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