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Server lags when >14 players
Hi u all......

Big probs. I'm running a dedicated server with Windows Server 2003 as OS. The box is a 3GHz P4, 512Mb RAM, blabla bla bla......
I'm using Beetles Mod, and i'm runnning a HlstatsX/Web server (not on the same box!!), but everything is logged.

Now to the problem..

Whenever i try to make the server run with more than 14 players, the server gets laggy (thats when >14 are connected).

The server has a 10/10Mbit line so it should not be a problem.

PLZ can someone help me.........Cool
is it just since this last update? or was it like that before the update, or do you not know.

you could try disabling hyperthreading, i have heard that can cause problems. mostly its with dual xeon though. worth a try. also try it without beetles and hlstats (just to see if they could be causing it)

whats the cpu usage at the lag? is it peaking 100.. or normal? or what.
I've had the problems before the latest update, the CPU usage is about 25-30%, and the network is running about 4% (100Mbit card), but i will try turning HT off, haven't heard of that before, but i'll try anyway......Rolleyes

sv_maxrate 20000
sv-maxupdaterate 120
fps_max 600

Pingboost on, the server displays about 530 FPS.
sv_maxupdaterate 120 pretori (typos suck Sad )

otherwise your console will go ???
Hehehe, sorry, it's correct in the cfg file, type error Big Grin

Changed the HT in BIOS, and added 512MB, so now it's 1GB RAM, hope it works better....

.........eeeeeeeeerk, it's still the same, tryied to change sv_maxrate 15000, sv_maxupdaterate 100, it still lags. I had a 100 tick, and now I changed it to 66 to see if that would improve performance...

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